Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love around the world

Love is universal. It transcends all boundaries and barriers.
I wanted to celebrate this unconfined nature of love with a design.

This hand stamped pendant is sure to show undying love to your paramour. The circular shape of the pendant reinforces the fact that love has neither beginning nor end and no language barrier either.

If you've always wanted to go on a romantic journey to Europe, here it is on a satin string !
Start with "Love" in merry old England, get to Spain with "Amor" and reach Sweden with "Kärlek".

Language of Love
This is one journey you can keep going on, over and over again.

If the beaches of Cabo are more your style, then this necklace is for you.
Hand stamped on antique silver and then cast in resin, this will be perfect for "Mi Amor".

Mi Amor

Wherever you are, whatever language you speak, love is there.
Happy Valentines Day!

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Specials--Earrings Galore

I found some really lovely findings this year and decided to use them to make earrings for valentines day.

I've recently been working with anodized aluminum. I love the fact that they are lightweight, come in different colors and shapes and can even been stamped or etched.

Red and Green Chandelier earrings
There is something very elegant about the shape of this chandelier drop, the red color only adds to the overall beauty.

With dark green Czech glass bead dangles, this will make one pretty lady very happy.

This red crystal studded finding has been sitting in my box for a while now, just waiting to be used in a design and I had some crystal beads left over from another project.

Put the two together and voila..... a stunning pair of earrings perfect for painting the town red!

"Paint The Town Red" earrings

Sweet Heart earrings

And last but not least, Valentines Day jewelry is not completed without at least one heart shaped piece.

The two tone color scheme adds interest to the simple gold heart shaped drops embellished with red Czech glass beads.

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Valentine Specials--You are my sunshine !

Valentines Day is almost upon us....a time for love, romance and letting the special people in our lives know how much they mean to us.

The weather outside is glorious...sunny, warm with bright blue skies.......and thus struck inspiration!

These cute little gold sun charms made me smile when I saw them. They are cute and shiny. They reminded me of the classic song "You are my sunshine".

You are my Sunshine

They are simply strung on gold chain and wire to make a pair of earrings and a necklace.

 No embelishments, nothing extra, just pure golden sunshine to let the special someone know how much they brighten your life.


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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013 !

Happy New Year everyone! Hope the year has started off right for all of you.

The christmas season was busy as usual and I'm very happy that whole gifts made it under the Christmas tree for many this year. Thank you so much to all our loyal gift-ians.
Grandmas are very special and this holiday season there were a lot of requests for meaningful designs for this special lady. Now that all surprise gifts have been opened and oooed and ahhhed over, it's safe to post some of the custom creations.

This is a sparkly bracelet created with vintage Czech glass beads and luxurious 22kt gold components
.Its hard to find beads that match the luster of old Czech fire polish beads but the Swarovski encrusted heart in the center can hold its own.

It's for a very sweet and wonderful grandma from her two grand kids Z and D.

Here we have personalized, hand stamped silver pendants for both their grandmas from three grand kids.

Hope the grandmas are enjoying wearing their Christmas gifts.....I sure had a lot of fun making them!

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