Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Series....Wrapped Up !

Yes...yes, we all know, never judge a book by its cover...its what's inside that counts..etc etc.
But who doesn't like to receive a gift that has been beautifully wrapped and presented ? It shows how much care and effort has gone into the whole gift giving process, not to mention the anticipation that builds when one sees a festive, colorful gift wrap.

There are plenty of options for Valentine's Day available in the stores....boxes, bags, bows, gift wraps... the choices are dazzling. Any of those will make your gift look lovely and make the recipent feel special.
But for something a little different and charming, here are a couple of ideas.

Sweets For My Sweet

This ivory colored box looks like the standard chocolate truffle box.

 But inside, nestled in the fluted candy cups are goodies that almost rival chocolate (because nothing can rival chocolate) !

There is someting playful and whimsical about the paper candy cups, the truffle box and the simple satin is sure to make your gift that much more sweeter.

Antique Kumkum Box

I love using old things in new ways and gift wrapping provides many opportunities to recycle and reuse old items.

This antique carved wood box  was originally used to store "kumkum" (red vermilion powder traditionally applied to the forhead of women....Bindi in more popular terminology)

It transforms into a beautiful jewelry beautiful that it needs no wrapping or embellishing.

Vintage Sari Gift Wrap

Another item that makes great gift wrapping is old fabric remnants.
Saris and scarves are two easy, elegant options.

Here I have used a vintage silk sari remnant to wrap up a gift....

Scarf Pouch

........and the scarf has been wrapped up into a neat pouch to hold the gifts.

These are just a few gift wrapping ideas, just to get you started. If you look around your house, you are sure to find many more things that make novel gift wraps.

This "wraps up" our Valentine series for this year. As always please post your comments and suggestions and other unique way in which you have wrapped up or received your gifts.

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