Friday, May 6, 2011

Mothers' Day Rings

Multicolor Wire Ring
I love rings...always have... and at any given time, I can be found wearing atleast two in each hand.

One of my really sad moments in recent past was when I had to take my rings off because my fingers were swollen in pregnancy. Thankfully that episode is behind me and I'm back to flaunting my rings !

My mother loves rings too, wears many of them and loves to coordinate them to her outfits. I got my love of rings from her, so its only fair that I make some special Mothers' Day rings.
Last week while at the craft store, I saw these vintage style buttons and knew they'd make very catchy cocktail rings. These large, chunky rings are all the rage right now.
Bluebutton Wire Ring

They make the perfect little shiny, sparkly catchy gifts !

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