Thursday, November 22, 2012

Peacock Dancing

The morning sky is grey, the breeze is cold. My garden is in its winter phase, all color is muted. Into this dullsville mood comes a request for a necklace to match a sari....a 40 year old, vintage, peacock motif sari.

Through the fog I can see the bright green and pale yellow flowers of my dahlia.
Green and gold with shades of blue tinted by the mist.....just like the facets of colors on a peacock's throat and tail feathers.

In my bead box are these vintage glass beads.I just love the way this bead seems to change color with the quality of the light...a little green, a little gold and just a touch of blue.

And thus is born this necklace, an ode to the dancing peacocks.

Turquoise beads are linked on gold wire with vintage glass beads providing spots of brilliant, glossy color.

Almost wants to make one feel like dancing....without singing the blues!

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