Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine Series.....For the Sweetheart

Just when the New Year buzz is winding down and almost all resolutions are going downhill rapidly, Valentines Day is here bringing with it its own share of guilt ridden goodies.
The goodies feature here thankfully are not going to do anything to your waistline...they will only swell the heart with love !

This simple purple bracelet is cute and charming. Purple is the color of February's birth stone (amethyst) and this will also make a wonderful gift for a february birthday.

Purple glass pearls and vintage glass bracelet


Rose Quartz & Sterling Silver Ear rings

To make this gift even more special, pair it up with these matching ear rings. The delicate color of the quartz heart dangles matches the dainty color tone of the bracelet. 

Sweetheart Set

And there you have it, a "suite" of jewelry for your sweet heart !

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