Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine Series....Shine and Sparkle

The sparkle and shine of Swarovski crystal and Murano glass is always festive. The way the facets catch the light and glint is like magic.All the following jewelry has been designed to capture the shining light of the crystal to its best advantage.
Floating Heart Necklace

This floating heart necklace is made with sterling silver chain and heart shaped Swarovski crystal. The chain is so fine and sparkly that you see only the shining heart floating on the neck.

Murano Glass Wire Wrapped Ring

Of course, Valentines Day and rings go hand in hand.
Wire wrapped rings are elegant and sophesticated. They can be bold like this Murano glass ring.

This ring is wrapped in gold plated copper wire that is tarnish resistant. The gold tone adds a nice touch to the greenish hue of the glass bead.

Swarovski Wire Wrapped Ring

This Swarovski crystal ring is beautiful and bright. The crystal shines and glows with a life of its own. The gold tone wire is the perfect foil for the swarovski crystal. This is sure to gladden anyone's heart !

Red Swarovski Wire Wrapped Ring

And, for the first (and unforgettable) Valentine, this sweet little red heart makes a declaration of budding romance.


  1. Loving the floating heart necklace! Let me try and manifest that as a gift. Oh wait, I also need to manifest the giver!