Friday, March 18, 2011


Whole Gifts Logo
Remember the collaboration I mentioned a couple of posts are the details.

I have a very talented graphic designer friend, we go back a long way......right up to our school days in Madras. He very generously created this beautiful logo for Whole Gifts.

His name is Asvin and when he is not creating lovely web pages, logos and designs, he is also a graphic novelist.

Neelakshi wearing her pendant

His latest project in collaboration with Ashok Rajagopalan is "Neelakshi : The Quest for Amrit". Art work is by Judit Tondora and colors by Roland Pilcz.

It is a visual treat, a lot of very talented folks are working together on it and when it comes out, its definitely going to create a splash !

Now, Whole Gifts has been commissioned to create the unique, one of a kind pendant worn by the heroine of the novel, Neelakshi herself.
The pendant and many other cool prizes are being offered to all those who contribute to make this novel a possibility.

You can read all about it and view the prizes here

Whole Gifts sure is excited, the pendant process has started and should be ready in a a few days' time. Stay tuned for pictures of the finished pendant !

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