Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Neelakshi's Pendant

Its ready...Neelakshi's unique peace pendant is finished ! It took a little bit of work, what with the weather being so rainy in the San francisco bay area. Resin I find, can be temperamental if there is a lot of humidity in the air. Thankfully this came out well.

First Cast of Pendant

This is after the resin was cast and set. While the pendant is pretty, I could see that it lacked something....maybe some beads or crystals around the edge of the pendant.

Nope, the beads or crystals seemed to make the pendant feminine and soft...not something Neelakshi might find appealing.

Peace Pendant

After racking my brains and raiding my supplies box, this is what caught my eye....hexagon shaped spacer beads that look like grommets.

They add the right amount of detailing to the pendant and make it more edgy and tough...surely Neelakshi will approve !

This peace symbol is distinctive....three swords have crossed to declare peace. It shows that there is hope for a conflict free resolution of all differences.

The grommets have been placed at the hilts and points of the swords to draw further attention to the uniqueness of this symbol.

And finally, the pendant is strung on to a leather cord necklace.....its tough, stylish and different, like Neelakshi herself.

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